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Schools work We have a free service available to all secondary schools and pupil referral units in Bradford Local Authority. We can deliver a 10-20 minute assembly or a 50-60 minute lesson, which is usually part of the PSHE/Citizenship curriculum. Our work with schools can also help to form part of the ‘Healthy Schools’ standard. We specialize in working with Year 7 and 8 pupils, although we also communicate to older year groups as well. When we are raising awareness within a school it is done through an interactive presentation. This includes using videos, games and quizzes to communicate an important message.

“Volatile Substance Abuse is one of those subjects that can often be overlooked compared to other illegal drug education programmes. To have a charity that specialise in educating young people in Bradford is a real privilege and we wholeheartedly welcome them into our classrooms to teach about this potentially life threatening problem.”

Paul Schofield, Wyke Manor School, Bradford.

National VSA week


Every year in the month of March we run a special awareness campaign in secondary schools.

In all we deliver around 80 lessons within a 5 day period to Year 7 and 8 pupils.

Raising awareness on the dangers of volatile substance abuse

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