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The Dangers of Sniffing - glues, aerosols and gases

Chantelle BleauThe Chantelle Bleau Memorial Fund was set up in December 1997 following the tragic death of 16-year-old Chantelle Bleau who died from inhaling butane gas from a cigarette lighter refill.

The fund which is based in Chantelle's hometown of Bradford, West Yorkshire, campaigns to reduce deaths from Volatile Substance Abuse (VSA) both locally, through educational programmes in schools, training and awareness for parents and professionals and nationally through raising awareness about VSA in the public arena.

Latest news!

1 January 2014 - The Fund would like to congratulate one of its founders, Pat Bleau on her MBE for her tireless campaign to highlight the dangers of solvent abuse.

Chantelle Bleau Cup, in association with Bradford charity ‘One in a Million’

The idea is 3 weeks of tournament + a 1 week knock out competition and then on week 5 the winner from the tournament will play the winner of the knock out for the cup!

The lads will learn about the dangers of volatile substances

This was the brainchild of Wayne Jacobs, Assistant Manager of Bradford City Football Club and a trustee of the sports charity One in a Million. Wayne also used to be a trustee of the Chantelle Bleau Memorial Fund.

This will become an annual event and as with our other themes there is also the opportunity for us to work in partnership with OIAM and deliver more about VSA directly with the young people on the Canterbury Estate.

fact : In the UK, 1 person dies every week from Volatile Substance Abuse.

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Raising awareness on the dangers of volatile substance abuse

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